4 Easy Ways To Quickly Give Your Room That Mid Century Modern Style Without Having To Do A Remodel

Mid Century style isn't an all-or-nothing proposition.  Combining clean lines that are popular in mid century design with more traditional elements can make for a surprisingly cohesive look.  Here are a few ways to give your space that retro-inspired look without having to completely overhaul your modern space.

1.  Find Some Transition Pieces

Mid century masterpieces have clean lines of teak, walnut, oak and rosewood.  Thanks to the increasing demand of this design movement, many retailers are grabbing hold of the trend by offering furnishings that have an MCM vibe infused with a more modern flare.  Try replacing some of your modern elements like chairs, tables, or even light fixtures with a piece that blurs the line between modern and vintage styles.  

2.  Small Accessories Help Tie Everything Together

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact in bringing it all together. There are many vintage style versions of modern accessories that will make you feel that blast from the past.  Some modern items we have found with an MCM design are things like mobile phone docks, iPad stands, LED table lamps, K-Cup Holders, house plant stakes, table clocks, and more.  

K-cup coffee holder - Mid century modern
Mid century iphone docking station


3.  Show Off Your Treasure With Pride

Bring to life your interior home design with a single mid century statement piece.  Mid century modern is not a matched-set type of style.   It is OK to add an unexpected element to your home with a classic MCM furniture statement piece. So, feel free to display that vintage treasure even in the midst of modern elements.

4.  Simple Wall Accents Are Great For Helping Blend MCM and Modern

For a modern look, don’t clutter your walls with tons of artwork. Keep it simple and clean with geometric wall hangings.  They are just what you need to fill that empty wall while bringing together a modern/mid century style room. These MCM pieces boast distinct lines and give the opportunity to add a splash of color without clashing with your other more modern room elements.

MCM decor