ACCESSORIZE YOUR HOME... Mid Century Modern Style!!!

The right accessory helps complete any room's look while adding more personality to your space. Let’s style up your home with some retro flare.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix-and-Match Accents
Use a variety of textures and finishes when arranging accessories. Find items that add texture and interest to the space.

Create Balance Not Sameness
A large collection of similar size objects makes for a cluttered surface. Keep your table tops and shelving balanced by varying the height and scale of display items. To create a more eye-catching layout stack or group like objects together.

Be Strategic About Color
Create a stylish space by choosing two or three colors, then space the hues throughout the shelves evenly. Make sure not to place your colors symmetrically. It is also a good idea to use stacks of books to stagger the height of your accessories.

Here Are Some Fun Retro Inspired Accessories To Create The Look & Feel You Been Wanting.

MCM Iphone Holder

  Atomic Sculpture MCM ArtHouse plant decor MCM K-cup holder Iphone Stand MCM Table top Clock