How to Add A Little Mid Century Modern Style to Your Home’s Interior

Mid Century modern style is a growing trend.  There are many ways to give your space that retro-inspired look without going overboard.

Infuse your room with mid century flair by including iconic accent pieces like wall decor and other accent items. The distinct look of these pieces is synonymous with mid century modern design, creating an effortless style to everyday living. 

Here are a few simple and easy ways to quickly create that MCM interior design you are looking for:

Decide On A Focal Point
Celebrate your mid century treasures in your home with simple accents and streamlined details. Less is more with any eye-catching furnishings. Complete the backdrop that draws the eye to your favorite MCM furniture with subdued surroundings, allowing your treasures to shine as the mid century focal point for the space.

Mid Century Modern Atomic Cat


Explore Geometric Shapes & Patterns
Geometric wall hangings are just what you need to fill that empty wall in your mid century style room. These MCM pieces boast distinct lines and give the opportunity to add a splash of color.

Interior design idea with retro look



Add Some of those Retro Colors

Bring to life your interior home design with a single mid century statement piece. This fun geometric spunky art pops against almost any wall.

mid century modern atomic interior design decor


Wood Tones Are Always Nice
This mid century design has an eye-catching mid-mod look. This retro piece is a gorgeous addition to your room that brings a bit of a retro flare into your interior design.

Wood wall accent retro mid century modern


Starbursts Are An Iconic MCM Look
Add an unexpected element to your home with retro art pieces, like these wall hangings using retro design elements that will blend nicely with any modern home. 

mid century interior design


Mix Traditional and Modern
Mid Century style isn't an all-or-nothing proposition.  Combining clean lines that are popular in mid century design with more traditional elements can make for a surprisingly cohesive look.  Check out these wall accent pieces that will allow anyone to blend mid century modern decor with modern interior design elements.

mid century modern wall


Add Textures
This mid century modern inspired wall accent piece features a mix of textures and neutral color palette popular in the '60s and '70s.  This piece is a great way to bring mid century modern style and texture to your room.
vintage groovey art