Love What You Love

Mid-century Design: Why it’s Fun to Love What You Love

One thing is for sure, retro style will never be a thing of the past. Not in our hearts and definitely not in the design world. There’s a saying that everything comes back in style at one time or another, but with midcentury—lucky you—it never went away. You simply can’t name a category that doesn’t feature the work of some our 20th century greats. Cars. Furniture. Clothing. Stationery. Art. Architecture. Textiles. Horticulture. Even food! And you know this, the list goes on.

We had a thought. What is that makes us all fans of this era of design? Other than just having impeccable taste (obviously, ha!), what is it that has us drooling at the mere mention of it? By no means is this a scientific study, but from stories we hear and our own experiences in this category, here’s our take on it. Pull up a seat to the formica kitchen dinette and let’s dive in.

4 Fun Reasons Why You Might Crave Mid-Century Style

1. You Grew Up With It 

If you’re a Baby Boomer or a Gen X latchkey kid, then there was no doubt you had some timeless classics around you. From the Herman Miller chair your grandparents had tucked in the corner of their sitting room to the classic Buick that may have been how you learned to drive, you simply were swimming in mid-century. Today, as you bring some of that style into your life, it’s probably not just because you know a good thing when you see it, but it makes your heart swell a little. Like pulling out a favorite sweatshirt and getting all cozy. It just feels good. Speaking of classics, these house numbers might bring up some nostalgia for you.

2. You like to keep it simple

We get it! It’s hard to deny those classic clean lines that make retro design so darn delightful. Some of us blame Frank Lloyd Wright for making us believers. Who of us wouldn’t snatch up one of his beautiful homes if we could? The crisp sharp silhouettes that mid-century affords us just speaks to the cool lifestyle we all love to live. Florence Knoll sofa anyone? I mean, come on! The classic starburst is one of our favorite designs.

3. You kinda like being different

Whether you like to mix in a few nostalgic pieces here and there or rock a whole house straight out of 1960, you have no qualms about making retro feel right at home. Maybe you even make it eclectic, with pieces from different decades all living in one happy little mid-century moment. However you bring it all to life, we have a hunch it’s just how you make your mark in the world. Nothing cookie cutter for you! Even your dog can be a stand-out

4. You are a sucker for the colors

Ochre green. Burnt orange. Dusty Mint. Sunflower Yellow. Something happens when you see these colors. We know this because it happens to us too! It’s an immediate throw back. They aren’t just colors. It’s what your brain remembers. It’s that pool-side lounge chair at your great aunt’s house. It’s the wallpaper in your childhood bedroom. It’s that one car you saw parked outside the burger joint. It’s that vending machine that had real glass Coca-Cola bottles. It’s the memories of the past that wiggle into your nostalgic heart. Those colors, to you, are a chef’s kiss! Mwah!

Here’s how we make some mid-century color pop

The fact is this, you love what you love and we love that about you. We’ll keep doing our part in bringing these things to life in what we create for you. Keep truckin’ my friend and keep having a blast with the past.